Case Study on Tiger Balm

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Tiger Balm
Question 1
Product mix refers to all the products an organization sells. All Tiger Balm’s products-ointments, p

Question 2
In order to tap into a new market, the approach used by Tiger Balms to organize its products in its communication to its customers by advertising its products using non-traditional forms of media such as YouTube and Google to appeal to American customers. Tiger Balm also features its products in drama series shown at prime times such as 7pm and 9pm to attract its customers to use its products.

These approaches seems to be appropriate and the idea of advertising its products using non traditional forms of media helps to attract its new target market, especially younger consumers through advertisement in Youtube and Google. It will also attract and remind its existing customer on its product existence in the market since it features its product in drama series shown in prime times.

Besides that, Tiger Balm can further try on more effective methods such as, posters sites (taxi-cabs, buses, roadside fields). Anywhere that people pass or gather in large numbers is a potential poster sites. In addition, Tiger Balm can also further have exhibitions in supermarket – this has an advantage of personal contact (get to talk to your potential customers which dramatically increases the chance of getting your message across. It can contribute greatly to build a customer –friendly image.

1. PLC
Tiger Balm soft – Introduction ?
Oilment - Maturity?
Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub Boost – from decline to intro?

* Modifying the product (changing its product characteristics and modifying its product to repackage it as a new product * Modifying the market (create new market). In capturing the new market, modifications are made and features are added in order to differentiate the product from competitor. * In the maturity stage of its product, Tiger Balm remain focus on its usefulness of its product in...
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