Case Study on the Movie "The Fisher King"

Topics: Talk radio, Narcissistic personality disorder, Antisocial personality disorder, Personality disorder / Pages: 2 (297 words) / Published: Apr 12th, 2011
The Fisher King
So, for the first character that we are introduced to, Jack, the radio talk show host. I did find some symptoms but, not a whole lot. I first notice that he definitely likes to hear himself talk. He cuts people off that call into the radio station and he’s pretty rude to them. He has big pictures up of himself around his house. He is very full of himself, very self absorbed. He calls other people scum and just thinks that he’s better than them. When he begins helping Perry, it’s not exactly for Perry. He just feels guilty and he thinks that helping him will somehow turn his luck around. He only really thinks of himself. These symptoms make me think that he has Narcissistic personality disorder. The DSM says they have a lot of self-importance, they have arrogant behaviors, and is unwilling to I identify with the needs and feelings of others. Jack is very much these things. There was one thing he says that made me doubt this a little. It was when he was drunk and talking to the toy. He says that he is not one of the ones who are destined for greatness. People with this disorder generally think that they are quite great. So, other then that everything else seems to point to Narcissistic personality disorder.
The other character is a homeless man named Perry. I found him to be quite interesting and found more symptoms for him. When he first comes onto the screen, he is acting like some kind of warrior. He is quite delusional. He hallucinates, saying that he talks to “little people”. He thinks that he is on a mission from god. I’m thinking he has

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