Case Study on the Chevrolet Cars’ Market

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Automobile Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: October 1, 2010
ANOVA in marketing researches – Case study on the Chevrolet cars’ market

In order to make an analysis of the variation regarding ANOVA, we considered the commercial society S.C. RUCOM S.A. from Craiova, Dolj, 107 Caracal Street, dealer in the sale of cars mark Opel, even from 2002. Starting with 2004, S.C. RUCOM S.A. becomes dealer for cars mark Chevrolet too, cars that first appear on the market in Oltenia that year, being, as a matter of fact, not that known on the Romanian market, in general. The Chevrolet cars, being them from the variety Kalos, Lacetti or Evanda, but especially the ones from the variety Kalos, present a few attractive characteristics for the potential clients. Thus, in the first place, the Chevrolet Kalos cars are more convenient, more advantageous, from more points of view, than many of the cars that presently exist on the market. Secondly, being produced by a firm famous for the quality of its products, respectively General Motors, the quality of the Chevrolet cars is at least as high as the one of other foreign cars that are presently sold on the market. Thirdly, the sale price of these cars is lower or, at most, equal to the one of similar cars. The marketing director, in order to launch on the market the new product, and we refer here to Chevrolet Kalos, must take a decision in what concerns the marketing strategy. Thus, he considers that the Chevrolet Kalos car could be advertised by emphasizing both the advantage that this one presents and the quality and the price that characterizes it. In order to make the marketing strategy regarding advertising a real success, it is important to be aware of the extent to which every single one of these three more important characteristics of the product influences the purchase decision of the potential clients. In this respect, the marketing manager of S.C. RUCOM S.A. Craiova wants to make an experiment. The respective experiment presupposes launching on the market and

selling the Chevrolet...
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