Case Study on South Delaware Coors, Inc

Topics: Decision making Pages: 8 (1809 words) Published: September 7, 2010
I. Statement of the Problem

The problem was giving direction to Manson and Associates regarding which research should be completed within a period of time, to determine market potential of a Coors beer distributorship for a 2-county area in southern Delaware.

II. Objectives of the Study

This study seeks the following objectives:
- to be able to understand the market potential of Coors Inc. through research - to determine which research data is/are relevant for the feasibility study of Coors Inc. - to know whether the decision of Larry to become a distributor of Coors Inc. is right - to understand the market potential of Coors Inc. on a distributor’s point of view

III. Scopes and Limitations of the Study

The study includes the current situation of Larry Brownlow, the nature of the company Coors Inc., and the background of Manson and Associates.

The study however, is limited with only secondary data being proposed by the Manson and Associates’ Research.

This study has recommendations and points of view that are based from my own perspectives and thinking as a marketing student.

IV. Nature of The Research

A. Larry Brownlow

Larry Brownlow, MBA had long ago decided to invest in a small, self-owned business as opposed to the corporate giants. Since the Coors announcement of expansion in Delaware, where Larry resides, he thought that the timing has been just right since he will be receiving by the time he reaches 30 years old, a big amount of money held in trust for Larry from a family tragedy. Before Larry could decide whether or not to apply for the distributorship of Coors Inc, he must have analyzed the market potential of the company.

Larry is now baffled with the idea of hiring a reliable research firm to provide him the relevant data on Coors Inc, market potential in Delaware. Hiring Manson and Associates is costly that is why Larry needs to choose which relevant data should he want to analyze.

B. Coors, Inc.

Coors is the 4th-largest seller of beer. Some of the positive things about the company are the following: devotion to the quality of the products, caring about the environment, giving people something to believe in and its unwillingness to compromise on the high quality of its products.

On the other hand, every business has its negative side and some of Coors are the following: insensitivity to minority issues primarily in employment and distribution and dependent.

Based from the information on the study, some of the expenses that a distributor must comprise are the following: refrigerator, constant refrigerating electricity and the aluminum can recycling equipment.

C. Manson and Associates

Manson and Associates is a well-known research industry that conducts feasibility studies and produces relevant data for its business-interested clients. Although the firm is a little costly, the quality of its research proposals is worth it. The firm is having a dilemma on which data to provide for Mr. Larry since they only have a limited period of time to do the research, the firm needs Mr. Larry’s choice of data in 2 days so the firm can start its research.

V. Areas of Consideration

The areas to be considered upon pursuing this case study are the following: • the budget of 15,000 for research
• the importance of sales and pricing
• the population in the 2 county
• the target market or the percentage of consumers
• the effect on ROI
• the expenses of being a distributor of Coors Inc.

The budget of $15,000 for research is a part of the study that is really relevant since this is the only way to know which data must be processed and analyze for Mr. Larry’s feasibility study of Coors Inc. Since Manson and Associates is a well known research industry not to mention the cost of its research proposals, Mr. Larry must know what are the most important data to pursue on the Manson’s research proposal that...
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