Case Study on School Safety

Topics: Education, Teacher, The Incident Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: March 8, 2010
Case Study on School Safety

Melissa Rookard

EDD 520

January 24, 2010

Leslie Faught

It is evident that schools' policies, programs, practices, physical structure, and teachers are factors internal to the school that determine school safety. These are the only factors that are internal to the school and within fairly complete control of schools. It is these factors that can be reformed and adapted to meet the end result of school safety. School safety is also determined to a very large extent by students, their criminal and other behaviors. Students in turn wear the dual hat of external and internal factors. They are external factors because they are part of the community and are internal factors because they are part of the school and can be disciplined to a certain extent through school policies. There was an incident at Horribly Heard Middle School in Dayton, Georgia. A young man names, Bruce, brought a gun to school and was taken into custody by the Dayton Police Department along with the help of the Department Juvenile Justice. There were many key players in locating the student to insure the school safety. A student was shown the gun and reported to his teacher, Mrs. Daisy. Mrs. Daisy in turn contacted her administrator and asked if he could come to the classroom. Mrs. Daisy, team leader, instructed her team to take the students to the library to check out books. Shortly after, they left an announcement came over the intercom that all students and teachers remain in class until told to dismiss. Teachers were instructed to read their e-mail immediately and follow the instructions laid out in the e-mail. All teachers had to take roll and report any missing children to the front office staff. Mrs. Daisy and her team stayed in the library and check their e-mail in the library. Administrator Bob, Principal Hope, and Resource Officer Life, came to the classroom to search Bruce and taken him into custody if the weapon was indeed on...
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