Case Study on Public Budgeting

Topics: Government spending, United States budget process, United States Constitution Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: April 27, 2006
Public budgeting systems are systems for making choices of ends and means. The purpose of budgeting is to allocate scarce resources among competing public demands so as to attain societal goals and objectives (Lee, 49). Depending upon conditions at a given time in history, budgets have tended to emphasize financial control, managerial improvements, or planning. The government should adopt a biennial budget. Proponents of biennial budgeting believe that the federal government would benefit from a biennial budget process because it would allow Congress more time to pursue true oversight and investigations without having to constantly be involved in the budget process (Lee, 59). Any time savings in the biennial budget would depend on a willingness of the Congress to make few changes in the off year, and the ability of the Congress and the President to reach agreement on how to design and enforce the off-year process (Lee, 288). Regardless of what procedure is used, Congress will always have to make the tough decisions and maintain a true commitment to fiscal responsibility to make the appropriations process more efficient.

The budget is not just about dollars and cents. It's about quality of life and life in the community. Budget decisions have a direct impact on an average citizen. There should be a constitutional, revenue and/or spending limit. The federal government has made several attempts to balance the budget, although all have been, Statutory limits (Peters, 139). While statutory attempts to control spending by the federal government have, thus far, been failures, the states provide evidence that constitutional rules have fewer loopholes and are more binding (Lee, 91). Constitutional limits are more effective because they are more permanent and more difficult to change. The federal government needs a constitutional balanced budget amendment. Restrictions on power to tax and limitation on spending will control some of the government's power...
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