Case Study on Elderly

Topics: Hypertension, Blood pressure, Coronary artery disease Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: September 12, 2011
Kaplan University
Assessing the Elderly Case Study Project
Evelyn Surelle Holmes
Nu416 Nursing Care of the Older Adult
Instructor Barbara Gunderson
May 26, 2011

Ms. Lee is a 96 year old female who lives alone. Lately she has become a hazard to herself. She leaves pots on the stove and they could possibly burn her apartment down. She needs assistance with a cane but refuses to use it. Ms. Lee is a potential hazard to herself and possible to others who live in her building. Ms. Lee could possibly overdose from several pills being laid out and scattered everyone. Falls can result in injury, loss of independence, reduced quality of life, and death in the elderly (Mauk 2010). According to the Hendrich II Falls Risk Model, Ms. Lee is at great risk. Confusion, disorientation and impulsivity are showed by Ms. Lee. She forgets that she is cooking and leaves the stove on and burns pots and pans. It is unable to tell if Ms. Lee is taking her medications as scheduled because pills are scattered out of the containers. Ms. Lee often forgets and uses a tape recorder to remind her of several tasks. Ms. Lee shows signs of depression because she lives alone and never speaks of engaging in activities. She does not mention of friends or other family members who stop by to see her. Ms. Lee does not have any problems with elimination. Ms. Lee is unstable because she needs the assistance of a cane. Ms. Lee could fall and fracture her hip. The most common fractures are vertebrae, hip, forearm, leg, ankle, pelvis, upper arm, and hand. At least 50% of elderly persons who were ambulatory before fracturing a hip do not recover their pre fracture level of mobility (Mauk 2010). Ms. Lee fall risk assessment is a score of seven which puts her at high risk. Ms. Lee has a substantial health history. Her Coronary Artery disease is managed by several medications that could lower her blood pressure. A low blood pressure or a high blood pressure could kill her if she takes to many pills....
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