Case Study on Comair Airline Industry

Topics: Strategic management, Requirements analysis, Systems Development Life Cycle Pages: 12 (3245 words) Published: May 10, 2009
1.0 Introduction

Companies over the last decade, has recognized that their survival to a lesser or greater extent, depends either entirely or partially to appropriate information system. It is established, based on lesson learned from both failed and successful organizations, that an information system strategy are to support or aligned with, business strategy. Similarly the business strategy can influences the choice of Information System used in the organization. A business strategy entails futuristic organizational planning that result in companies gaining competitive advantage. It is direct linked to supporting area such as marketing, procurement, and information system. The case of Comair airline, even after acquisition by Delta airline must recognize the above and initiate plans for aligning themselves with success factors. The following are incorporate an analysis of the company as well as recommendation for improvements.

2.0 Comair’s History
The earlier years of Comair’s airline were met with a significant amount of success. This was evident by their ability to expand their market shares and also maintain their position as a market leader in a niche market (regional). Their success was marked by a defined profit margin and more significantly their leadership in statistical performance which brought about a competitive advantage over smaller air carriers. Their opportunistic and leader-like strategy however was short lived as the airline industry changed.

The decline in Comair’s success was brought on by a number of factors: embedded into such was management’s inability to adopt and maintain effective and flexible business strategies. Long term goal were dissolved as changes occurred in the environment, indicating a lack of change management strategies.

Major glitches in the technical operational side of Comair business were not enough to encourage revisiting of business support activities, instead management continued to operate based on historical successes. While they were able to recognize the need for change early in the business lifecycle, their reactive approach was costly. Their defensive market position did very little to assist in an evolving airline industry and possibly forced the carrier to adopt a follower position. Their first-to-market advantage via bombardier jets were short lived, just as well the transaction-based information system and support.

3.0 S.W.O.T Analysis of Comair

|Strengths |Weakness | | | | |Substantial Market Share |Poor IT Crew Scheduling system | |Experienced Operational Staff |Outdated IT ERP system; Fortran system | |Established Routes |Lack of Upper Management Skills; Business strategy & Planing | |Award winning carrier |Slow to execute plans. | |Timely airlines |Reactive to change in airline industry and environment. | |Quality customer service; Luggage |Lack of Strong IT/IS leadership | |Good Relationships with airline consultant SABRE. | | |Opportunity |Treats | | | | |To develop new IT system...

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