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Case study: Dell Computer Corporation
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Dell Computer Corporation is one of the most famous computer brands in the world, and relies on its unique development and management model that occupies the large number of PC sales volume in a long term period. Dell Computer Corporation can be successful and lead the PC sales industry, because of the simple vision and business concept- the personal computer could be built to order. Through the build-to-order strategy customers were able to order directly and their orders were routed by means of a credit check and soon after directly to the manufacturing. Finally their orders were then built, tested and shipped to the customer eventually. Furthermore, the customers were promised to receive the order 5-7 days after the order was made. In addition, Dell Computer Corporation also took steps to reduce middle man so that to identify the customer needs, keep costs down, wring efficiency out of its direct sales and build-to-order business model, which is the another significant reason that Dell can still keep the leading position in the PC sales industry in nowadays. Further Dell practiced just-in-time inventories as well. Moreover, Dell Computer Corporation has a diversity of product portfolio. The company has implemented various categories for the each segment of the market. (Thompson, A., Gamble, J.,) All these strategies are vital for the company’s success. The foundation of Dell Computer Corporation can be traced back to the 1984, when Michael Dell was study at the University of Austin. In 1985, the company began to produce their own PC and sale directly to the customer, and also provide the customized services depend on the customer's selection of options. In 1988, the company changed the name to the Dell Computer Corporation and the business expanded to the world. The successful of Dell Computer Corporation is a great example for any one of the companies or enterprises. By focusing on the strategies the Dell Computer Corporation applied, this case report will mainly analyze two relevant factors that make Dell Computer Corporation so successful in this competitive PC sales marketing. The first factor is managing communication strategy, and it will show how unique communication ways that help Dell occupies the large number of PC marketing. The second one is the development and research of Dell, which implies Dell spend a lot of energy in innovation and changing. Therefore, through analysis, the report will show how Dell’s communication strategy and its development and research strategy have close relation with each other and finally lead Dell Computer Corporation to the success. The paper is finalized by a conclusion summarizing the analysis and findings. Theory

Communication can be briefly defined as a reciprocal process of exchanging ideas, feelings and information through different ways such as speech, symbols or body languages between two or more people or entities. (Clegg, S., Kornberger, M. and Pitsis, T., 2008) However, communication is not just sending and receiving messages; it also involves different audiences such as employees, suppliers, customers and so on in the reception of meaning. It is rightly said that the success of an organization depends on the communication between the company and clear understanding of ideas between customers. Hence, no doubt, one of the most important organization’s communicating audiences is customer. The company should be able to pass benefits to customers to satisfy their needs while getting profitability from them. There is a short definition of marketing that meet customer needs profitably. (Clegg et al., p 322, 2008) Usually, people would not agree that marketing is a part of organizational communication. However, the core of activity of marketing such as advertising, sales promotion, selling, direct marketing and so on is in fact a communication exercise. (Clegg et al., p322, 2008) Therefore,...
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