Case Study of Tory Burch

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Tory Burch Analysis
Madison Bolick
University of North Carolina Greensboro

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Fall CRS-231 Intro to Apparel/Retail Industries taught by Professor Sangvhi
Tory Burch has developed a brand defined by classic American sportswear. The brand offers attainable, chic women's clothing, shoes and accessories. It embodies the personal style and spirit of its CEO, Tory Burch. Throughout this paper you will discover how Tory has evolved into a well known fashion designer, business woman and philanthropist over the past couple of years. The past three years Tory has designed some incredible collections, all by which women have admired. In her 2011, 2012, and new 2013 Spring RTW collections I will analyze the designs and key pieces of these collections. Each of her collections resembles Tory’s tom boyish style mixed with a chic touch. As I point out key designs and explain why I like and dislike the look, I will also give expert analysis on each collection. This is critique from fashion journalists, gurus, fashionistas and bloggers.

Tory Burch Analysis
About Tory Burch
Growing up in Philadelphia, Tory was never really interested in fashion. Her mother always had great style, and she use to love watching her get ready to go out at night. Tory later went on to go to school at the University of Pennsylvania, where she says her love for fashion grew. Upon graduation she got a job in New York, assisting Zoran the designer. She then moved on to work with Ralph Lauren where she was first a PR assistant and then an advertising copywriter. Six years later, she landed a PR assistance and advertising job with Vera Wang. Tory says, “Each of those experiences has added some element to how I run and build this company.” “I talk to entrepreneurs a lot about how each job might not be the perfect job, but you really learn from each job and you take something from that”, she said. Tory decided to stop working for awhile to spend more time with her 3 little boys. This time off is when she began thinking about starting her own company. After creating an inspiration book, she then started her own label. In 2004 it was introduced as Tory by TRB, and then in 2006 it was shortened to just Tory Burch. Tory had little design experience but working with Zoran, Ralph, and Vera trained her for what she was about to take on. Tory’s company worked hard on the logo making sure it would stand out and resonate with consumers. Instead of wholesaling her line out to department stores and boutiques, Tory opened her own shop in downtown Manhattan where they sold the designs exclusively. By the end of its opening day, the original Tory Burch boutique had almost completely sold out of inventory. Today, each of her stores is built around the idea of “creating a retail environment that feels like you are walking into a home,” Burch said. “All of which feature orange lacquer doors, mirrored walls and Lucite fixtures,” she also explained. By the end of the year, Burch will have opened some 25 new stores in 2012 alone. Tory Burch’s targets mostly 30 to 45 year old women. “We definitely have a very diverse customer,” said Burch. “We have a lot of Europeans and Asian women. We have a lot of girls in high school and college, but then we have a designer customer that’s wearing us, maybe to mix with her designer wardrobe. We have a downtown girl and an uptown girl. It’s a lot of different generations. And what I love about that is that they’re wearing it differently,” Tory states. The brand’s chic, colorful designs are universally appealing to fashion insiders and mall shoppers. Her clothes resonate with many women because they’re modern without being trendy, interesting without being outlandish and very chic. The signature Reva ballerina flat, which was named by her mother, has brought in a much younger customer for her brand and has been great for her business. Her clothing is versatile enough to be part of the...

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