Case Study of Mr X

Topics: Self-esteem, Hypnosis, Anxiety Pages: 12 (4288 words) Published: October 20, 2011

“Using the case study
provided at the end
of the module
identify and explain
the client’s issues
and devise
a course of treatment
for him
taking into account
any ethical issues”

Introduction - Mr X case study
Mr X is 45 and has worked for the same company for 18 years. He is not married but has a “sort of girlfriend”. His mother is in a home and he visits her regularly, due to this he is unable to socialize with his colleagues. He would like to apply for a manager’s job at work but feels like something is stopping him and he would also like to go socialise with his colleagues but feels that if he changed the day he sees his mother she would not understand.   He would like to ask his sort of girlfriend to marry him but is worried that she will say no and that he does not have much to offer her at present. He worries about what people think of him, even though he is a nice person who thinks about the feelings of others.  

* Note from this point Mr X will be referred to as “him/he” The Initial Consultation

I would provide a free consultation with him prior to an appointment for treatment During this initial consultation I would look to build good rapport with him so he feels at ease. Ensuring that I gathered all possible information through my notation form and talking to him exploring the answers given in the form. Also to checking any medical or ethical reasons why I may not be able to work with him . I.e. Psychotic or depressive illness or attraction between therapist and client etc. I would explain what hypnosis is, how it works and that hypnosis is a natural state of awareness and that he will still be in control at all times and address any fears,. He can ask any questions at this stage. I would inform him that confidentiality respects the personal information disclosed and protects that information from disclosure to others as it is an important ethical requirement and without it therapy may be frustrated by a lack of trust and safety..  

I would ask him what he hopes to achieve from hypnosis and the benefit of keeping the problem vs. the value of getting rid of it. In his case there might be a hidden agenda or secondary gain to explore in the following areas. He knows he can do the Managers job and if he were to get it he would have more to offer his girlfriend so he could propose. Maybe he is using his present job as an avoidance technique. He could change the day he visits his mother if he really wanted to and socialize with the people from work. It may be that he fears interacting with them and uses his mother as an excuse. If this were the case then I would have to ask what he is gaining from it and get him to try and take responsibility for it.   I would give him an idea of the number of appointments necessary - in his case 3/4 sessions - but always ensuring that he is aware it might not be definitive as sometimes other issues can come to light. He will then understand financial implications of his treatment . At the end of the consultation it would be good to discuss goals and ensure they were feasible and for him to ask any questions. It is then up to both parties to agree a plan going forward. It is important to clarify that we are both happy to work together to achieve the goals discussed. After consultation it gives him the time to decide if he feels able to work with me and gives me the chance to check with a supervisor if I was unsure about anything. I.e. If he is taking medication it would give me time to review and understand what it was for. I would also use this time to create a personalised induction and screed tailored to suit his preferred modality

My view of his goal of therapy – expectation (according to information given) To gain confidence and be mentally stronger; to enjoy the company of his work friends and have the confidence to apply for the job as manager and ask his girlfriend to marry him.

My aim as the therapist
My aim is the...
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