Case Study of Leo Burnett: Role as an Employee

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Case Study: Leo Burnett Company
Section 1: Role as an Employee
1.a – Role at Leo Burnett (LB)
Work at LB is challenging, multifaceted, and typically very hectic. Working alongside hundreds of individuals to complete complex and innovative operations is difficult; particularly when our formal and informal communication lines falter. Nevertheless, our multidisciplinary teams are productive, filled with camaraderie, and focused on creating “believers” for the products of our clients. Being a part of multiple brand teams, alongside dealing with two sets of reporting lines, is difficult to manage and navigate at times. Specifically, I report to my supervisor of my home department (Creative), and then report to team leads of each branding team that I am on. My department supervisor manages where I spend my time, and conducts my evaluations with various team leads. While my workloads are heavy and dictated to me, I am nonetheless able to cope by working face-to-face with other team members to manage and complete projects in appropriate timelines. In addition, we strive to build and maintain lasting relationships with our clients. We keep communication lines open for client requests and ensure that they are involved in the process of their product. 1.b – Role on Forever Young Team

With Janet Carmichael at the helm, our six member team was ready to tackle the Forever Young launch. Working with a team entirely from the London office was nice – given that we were all familiar with the LB process. Working with the Ontann Beauty Care (OBC) team on various portions of the product was nothing new to our group. We were actually quite excited to work intimately with one of our biggest clients; albeit the command-and-control approach from their global team meant that we had to adjust our approach to serving them. Specifically, the LB team placed two satellite teams in the test markets for Canada and Taiwan. The communication lines in LB Toronto were not sufficient, and...
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