Case Study Of Dabur India Ltd.

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The current onboarding process followed by Dabur India Ltd. follows different practices to onboard the new hires successfully. The company makes sure that the process followed by them help the new hire to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, behavior to become an effective organizational member and insider. The company uses different tactics like formal meetings, videos, printed material or computer-based orientations to introduce new comer to the organization, culture, ethics, vision. The company follows the strategic and effective chain and believe in extending the learning timeframe by learning through others, guiding others, measuring the impact and then standardizing the scale. The company believes that by investing in its employees...

The HR department makes sure that the new hire desks, laptops are ready beforehand. After the new hire joins in he/she is made to fill all the important documents thoroughly. After filling all the necessary documents the new hire goes through a 3 days induction process. The process includes an online induction module named- EMPOWER (Employee Orientation Through Webbed for Engagement and Reference). This module is a video representation that shows the journey of Dabur India becoming a leading FMCG company. The module contains several elements like vision, mission, beliefs of the organization. The presentation also introduces all the products being produced at Dabur and depicts the way in which Ayurveda inspired Dabur in its quest for natural remedies. The module is divided into several sections, and each section is followed by a short quiz just to make it more...

The lunch follows a plant visit as well as market visit which is compulsory to attend for every new hire irrespective of the fields they are from. After the induction process the new hire is assigned with the tasks. The company follows policy where the HR department will measure the performance of the new hire after three months through several rating techniques. New hire’s bosses also provide feedback to HR about their performance. If the new hire is effective and performing good he/she is provided with the probation confirmation letter. After six months the HR department again rates the new hire performance and takes feedback form the boss. After six months the new hire is given a confirmation letter.

The company follows a special roadmap for the sales and marketing department. Whenever a new hire joins in the sales and marketing department the new hire goes through a two week module which includes meetings with regional team members and several classroom module. The new hire is given special training as well as practical training for how to deal with different customers. If the new hire who is joining is a fresher r a campus recruit then he/she goes through one month...
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