Case study of Bhilai Steel plant

Topics: Reinforcement, Punishment, Operant conditioning Pages: 4 (1098 words) Published: August 1, 2015
Case study of Bhilai Steel plant

Case facts –
The company in focus is the steel plant located at Bhilai and having a difficult time in their production unit

The vice president for production is dissatisfied with the way his department manager Mr. Singh managing his workers

Workers, though efficient are very reluctant towards their work and are bored

Workers are not maintaining any fixed schedule for their work

Vice-Presidents perspective –
He analysed based on the current situation that work done per worker per day is getting reduced by 15 min and per week by 6-8 hours He thinks Mr. Singh is having a ‘lax Management Style’
He threatens to remove Mr. Singh by an abled manager unless the situation improves immediately

Mr. Singh’s perspective -
He thinks the workers are bored and are not getting enough incentives He is aware of the fact that workers are coming late and leaving early He knows his workers are skilful and in past helped to meet rush orders whenever Mr. Singh asked them to do

Q. Mr. Singh has heard about reinforcement strategies that can be used to rectify the type of situation he is presently confronted with. Discuss in depth, giving reasons, the intervention strategies that Mr. Singh should use to ensure that the workers put in a full 8 hour day and meet their daily quotas regularly. Make sure you discuss the implementation aspects fully, connecting your recommendations with the principles of reinforcement, and develop a mechanism to assess the usefulness of the interventions made.

Case Analysis –
Identification –
Mr. Singh enjoys a cordial relation with his workers and thus, he is lenient towards his workers. Workers possibly due to their lack of incentives and boredom are reluctant towards their working hours As, the workers are not fulfilling their quota, they will fall behind and the production delivery will be delayed Workers are getting late by 6 hours per week means workers are working 6 days a...
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