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The situation of Emily in this case study would be familiar to most graduate nurses. Feeling overwhelmed with her workload Emily has made a decision not follow hospital policy, based on the opinion of a college. This situation leads to Emily being asked to explain her actions to nursing management, who in turn raise concerns about staff following hospital policy. The following case review will examine the main concern involved in this case and create an answerable question that will help further analyse this case in the future. Whilst there are many issues in this case study the major issue is that Emily has made a decision to amend her practice based on the opinion of a college and is therefore not providing evidence based practice. Evidence based practice …show more content…
In this situation Emily based her decision to amend her practice based on the personal opinion of a college, therefore Emily did not follow the process of evidence based practice. Even though her college opinion was well-meaning and based on the polices of another hospital it cannot be assured that Emily’s college opinion is based on the latest research or evidence or appropriate for the situation(Courtney & McCutcheon, 2010) This could lead to adverse outcomes for Emilys clients. Especially since it is unclear if Emily is unfamiliar with the other hospital polices and how and when they were created. The question therefore is “How does using evidence based practice improve patient outcomes?” The main components of these questions are, why is evidence based practice important in nursing? Are there any valid alternatives to evidence based practice? What is the relevance of using evidence based practice to create clinical

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