Case Study: Nurse Melanie Weigeshoff

Topics: Nursing, Physician, Patient Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The Nurse : Melanie Weigeshoff

The job of nursing used to be more time consuming and tiring which caused many nurse to quiet early . the nursing job was full of papers work alongside with many responsibilities and duties. For that Melanie weigeshoff have many responsibilities , duties and tasks consist of being a nursing assistant and having to take medication orders , lab test results , doctors` instructions for patient care to record it on paper, also she have to be always on the phone with the pharmacy, pressing them for medication refills or with doctors trying to decipher handwriting. Also she was clarifying doctors quickly scribed notes and chronicling her patients progress by hand.

After :
After introducing the new technology the nursing job become more easier and time saving which lead to having plenty of time to take care of their patients and be more focused in their job. As a result the duties ,responsibilities and tasks reduced a lots . Now Melanie weigeshoff only have to greets patients at the start of each shift, then she logs in to their electronic records through wireless connection and reviews vital signs- temperature, heart rate .Also she click over medications order, making a note of each dose on the computer after she delivers it. She Also checks patient prescription on the screen which has been sent by a roboticized sorting machine in the pharmacy. Finally now able to accurately do charts of the patients progress.

Nurse Melanie weigeshoff has many skills and Ability before and after the new technology . To begin with, she was able to clarify doctors quickly scribbled notes in paper and organizing them on files quickly. Also she is more to serving people and now their needs by that she loves helping people as nature of her personality not as what they asked her in her job. Also she is survivor and more into reaching her goals which is serving patients and draw a smile in her face despite the frustration in...
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