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Topics: Nokia, Mobile phone, Smartphone Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: March 8, 2015
Nokia under Kairamo 1977-1988: Era of Growth
Transformation from a paper and rubber concern to a major global electronics and telecom concern – RESTRUCTURING THE COMPANYS ORGANIZATION 1989 Nokia was influential in establishing the second generation network (2G) – allowed phones to work throughout Europe – INNOVATION / DIFFERENTIATION Nokias mergers and acquisitions activities – boosted revenues + adding valuable patents , investments in R+D DIFFERENTIATION Nokia under Vuorilehto: Challenging Times 1988-1992

Fewer acquisitions
Restructured the firm into 6 business divisions: Telecom (Networking), Mobile Phones, Nokia Data, Cables and Machinery, Basic Industries and Consumer Electronics Telecom network division was thriving – demand grew (Nokia had a head start on competitors because the Finnish telecom infrastructure sector had been deregulated sooner than those in most European countries Nokia under Ollila 1992-2006

Implemented “the Nokia Way” – highlighting Nokias core values of customer satisfaction, respect for the individual, achievement and continuous learning Adopt a back to basic approach – series of major assets sales – centuring the company on four key business areas: mobile phones, consumer electronics, networks and cables Telecomunications and mobile phones – focal points of Nokias strategy 1999 Nokia controlled one third of the essential patents for GSM standards – guaranteed continuous cash flows in technology licensing Recognized opportunity in Japans 70% market growth – 1992 agreement with Japanese mobile operator IDO to design phones used on their network – first European manufacturer to make a deal in Japan COST ADVANTAGE / DIFFERENTIATION Nokia Mobile Phones

1992: nokia launched first mass-produced digital phone COST ADVANTAGE Nokia aggressively sought patents for its new technology developments – early patent strategy Identified Asia as the region with the highest growth potential Nokias product innovation, flexibility and rapid...
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