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Morgan Motor Company is a well known car company that manufactures automobiles from the ground up. They believe in building cars with tradition, the same tradition that they used for decades. This same tradition could lead to the company not making it thru another decade. In this research we will identify the problems and look for possible solutions to these problems.

1.1 The main issues of Morgan Motor company

• Too low production capacity.
At the moment they are producing 9 cars per week. They have been doing this for 30 years already. The problem is that they have the capacity and man power to produce the required 10 cars per week, but the workforce refuses to do so because they stick to their old pattern.

• Backlog in orders. Waiting list too long.
The waiting list is way too long. Some customers don’t want to buy their products, because they disagree with the long waiting time. They take so long That some people who were on the list have already past away.

• It takes too long to train the employees, about four years. Before an employee can work on a car he first needs to be trained for 4 years. This slows the production process down.

• They are unwilling to invest heavily in the production facility. The board is unwilling to invest in the production facility. Investing in the facility will make more space and ad more capabilities to work faster and more efficiently. Mister Morgan senior has more unwillingness then junior.

• They are afraid to adapt new technology to their company. The biggest problem of the company is that they are afraid to destroy the company magic by changing their system. They haven’t changed since they started, and they don’t want to change in the future. This will be the end for the company.

• The workforce is older age men.
Most of the people who work there are very old and still doing work in the old fashion way. Because of this no innovative ideas are applied and production is not increasing.

• The company is too small.
Because of the unwillingness to invest, the company doesn’t grow and so there is no room to increase the production.

1.2 Goal of the study / report

The goal of the study is to come to a recommendable solution(s) in order to increase production and thereby the company’s profit. These recommendations are based on the problems we described in 1.2.

1.3 Problem definition

To define the problems, we first have to take a look at the CEO of the company. The CEO of the company is afraid to bring any changes to the company. He’s afraid that the company might loose its “magic”. With this kind of thinking, it’s impossible to manage a company on the right path. So the main issue here is that we have a company with a CEO and Manager that is not adapting to the new technology we have today.

1.4 Research design

The research approach for this study is a case study. Most of our information was obtained by a documentary about the Morgan Motor Company on BBC. The data collection was done mostly by interview. An interview with a manager and a costumer. Furthermore we used www.google.com to help us when we needed it. For any others sources see our references.

1.5 Structure of the...

Bibliography: 2.1
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Date: 18-10-2010
-Saunders, M et al (2009) Research Methods for Business Students 5th edition Pearson Education Limited.
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