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Executive Summary 3

1. Problem Statement/ Symptoms 4
2. Literature Review 5
3. Consequences 6
4. Solutions8
Pros and Cons of the Solution
5. Precautions13
Pros and Cons of the Solution
6. Conclusion15
7. References16
8. Appendix 17
The Case

Executive Summary
The purpose of this case is to understand the situation and the problem the organization has faced and gives possible solutions. The company is conducting work life balance concept to improve the employee satisfaction. Work life balance is intended to maintain the balance between work life and personal life. That is favorably effect to the organization as well as the employees. YTB Bank has faced high absenteeism situation. Even though absenteeism is the practice of regularly staying away from work, here I have identified the absenteeism as a main problem in the case. Therefor I have acknowledged what “Absenteeism Management” is?. There are many forms to prevent from the absenteeism. Here, I have identified a few of them. Since the organization has faced the problems regarding the absenteeism, I have identified the possible solutions to get rid from that. But there are benefits and difficulties that the manager and the employees can face. Here the implementation of work life balance has gone the wrong way. The reason is, employees do not understand the right implementation of the concept. Because of that they are requesting more flexibility from the manager. For the problem of the case, I have selected the best practices manager can implement. Apprentice employment is the best practice to solve the problem. But there are pros and cons of apprenticeship. There are financial, labor disputes and disadvantages of contract basis employment. I have given a possible solution to get rid of those problems. Finally, I recommend the possible solutions which can implement by the company.

Problem Statement and symptoms
The problem is four tellers out of seven, requesting leave at the same period. Mr. Gamini as regional manager is facing a problem with requests leave 4 of his tellers out of the 7 at the same time. A. One female teller (A) has already gone on maternity leave and after the cession of the said leave quota she has to report back by next week, yet since her newly born baby was a premature one still she is keeping the child in the Neonatal unit of the Colombo Hospital and meanwhile she has made written request from Mr. Gamini to extend her leave. B. The second teller’s mother has fallen in the house and fractured her leg and this teller being the one and only child of the family had to look after her (B) mother and request at least one month leave. C. The third teller (C) has two little ones in the year 1 and 3 respectively and needs to go early by 12pm to collect her little ones after school since there was no one to take care of them after school as they have come to Colombo recently and the other thing is her husband was a supervisor of a factory who is usually reaching home late. D. The fourth one (D), most competent teller to be a successor to Mr. Gamini after him with good knowledge, skills and experience as identified by Mr. Gamini is demanding to exempt herself for a few hours from daily work in order to continue her MBA.

Employees do not have proper knowledge about absenteeism. And there is no proper procedure to manage absenteeism. Polices of absenteeism is not carefully established.
There is not any flexible work arrangement at the workplace. Literature Review
Work-life balance is adjusting day-to-day activities to achieve a sense of balance between work life and personal life. There are benefits of work life balance management. Those have reduced stress levels, at work and at home, Greater focus and concentration, Higher levels of job satisfaction, The opportunity to participate more fully in...

References: Dayarathne N W K D K. (2007) Human Resources Management Theory and Practice, Colombo: S.Godage & Brothers
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