Case Study. Ministry of sound

Topics: Ministry of Sound, Ministry of Truth, James Palumbo Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: July 11, 2012

Ministry of sound had to deal wth the environmental issues from the early 1990s they really faced a problem of drug dealing by the security team , because of this palumbo was forced to change his security and brought in professionals, he even hired a psychoanalyst to cope with the gang threats that followed that followed the drug crack down.Palumbo persisted in making his club a safer and a clear environment.During the 1990s he went further to campaign nationally against the use of drugs in youth venues with the ministry led in the transformation of club of club culture from an underground movement associated with acid house into a main stream youth market activity. The ministry established a distinctive logo and brand and invested heavily in club facilities and sound equipment magazines ,radio shows recording business and the main threats are that the business location it is located in a high crime rate which is not good for business since it labels the club very bad and it tarnish the image of the club .the commercialisation of the brand made it top loose the edgy and underground crowds who established the club ,the closure of the ministry in Bankok as a result of law restriction might pose as a threat.opportunies can be seen by introducing young blood ,fashion and also young faces to the club and also increase online broadcasting their music.


The ministry of sound has capabilities it became a brand and also gaining brand recognition .ministry was also recognised as a wide world music life style.Its products portfolio ranging from record labels ,branded electronincs ,world wide tours and also radio shows.ministry of sound started as a small investment and grow by spreading to other countries and also by having a lot of people visiting the club by that it was recognised the whole world and it became a super club.ministry believed in diversification by spreading their wings and starting branded dj equipment...
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