Case Study: Leadership Training & Development

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Case Study: Leadership Training & Development

Client Description:

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a Fortune 100 global technology company.

The Situation:

In January 2002 HP faced extraordinary challenges: - HP was adjusting to a major reorganization, which reconfigured over 80 separate business units into just 4 global business units. - The company was completing and implementing its merger with Compaq. - The backdrop was a weakened economy following September 11 and the dot-com downfall, forcing the first largescale layoffs in the company's history.

The Challenge:

The company's situation presented a huge challenge to its leaders at all levels. Leadership approaches that had been effective in more stable, autonomous business units were not effective in this new environment. The new strategy demanded integrated solutions that would provide both ease and incremental value to customers.

Through an employee survey, the following concerns were identified: - Line managers did not support priorities for action. - Decision-making was slow. - Cross-boundary cooperation was weak. - The changes in processes, metrics, rewards, and behavior to support the shift to a customer-centered business strategy needed to be accelerated. - Accountability for measurable results needed to be increased.

The Solution:

Together with HP's central function for workforce development, Conversant developed the Dynamic Leadership training program to train all managers. The program provided a common and effective set of tools to accelerate collaboration and contribution. A 10-week follow-through program designed by Fort Hill ensured that goals set during the program were destined for completion and that the return on investment (ROI) of the program could be accurately measured. Early results drove additional demand to also train individual contributors.


The Dynamic Leadership program produced a 15:1 ROI, a dramatically better result than most training programs....
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