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Topics: Quality function deployment, Customer, Definition Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: June 21, 2013
House of Quality
Definition: It’s a kind of conceptual map that provides the mean for infrastructural planning and communication. People with different problems and responsibilities can thrash out design priorities while referring to patterns of evidence on the house grid. Basically, it is the nerve center and the engine that drives the entire QFD process.

There are many different forms of the House of Quality, but its ability to be adapted to the requirements of a particular problem make it a very strong and reliable system to use. Its general format is made up of six major components. These include customer requirements, technical requirements, a planning matrix, an interrelationship matrix, a technical correlation matrix, and a technical priorities/benchmarks and targets section. The Voice of the Customers

The initial steps in forming the House of Quality include determining, clarifying, and specifying the customers’ needs. These steps lay the foundation for a clearly defined venture and will ensure a project or process is well thought out prior to any further development. Clarifying Customer Needs

Customers buy benefits and producers offer features. This seems like a relatively simple notion, however, unless customers and producers are perfectly in tune with one another, it may be very difficult to anticipate these features, or each underlying benefit from each producer. It is of utter importance to translate the wishes of each and every customer into some tangible values that can be turned into engineering specifications. Some of these features include but are not limited to: · Parts · Costs · Functions

· Quality Character& Reliability · Processes · Tasks
Specifying the Customer Needs
After determining what items are most important to the customer, organizations must translate them into particulate specifications. Nothing can be produced, serviced or maintained without detailed specifications or some set of given standards. Each aspect of the...
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