Case Study Juwan Howard

Topics: Negotiation, Contract, Washington Wizards Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Case Study Analysis Part B: “Power Play for Howard”
The Juwan Howard’ negotiation contract process was a very though, dramatic and sentimental one. According to the Lewincky the negotiation practices can be different according to the national culture where the negotiation is taking place. Using the seven key steps to an ideal negotiation process that Greenhalgh suggests in the text book we will present our team’ negotiation plan, as the General Manager of the Washington Bullets, Wes Unseld. Preparation:

* Establish the goal, creating a winning team
* Retain Juwan Howard at a cost that would not impact the preset strategy * Determine the internal maximum amount for the Howard retention keeping the existing budget allowed Relationship building:

* Arrange informal meeting with Juwan Howard to get to know his current interests * Express how the team will become more powerful if he remains on the team * Create a strong sense of belonging prior becoming a free agent Information gathering:

* Howard contract expectancy it was from 105 to 140 million dollars * A $100 million contract feasible
* How much we could offer without affecting other player contracts Information using:
* Build up the negotiation case
* We will present to Howard the proposed possible team and positive expectations

* We would start the bid at the lowest attractive possible offer * Negotiate until the cap is reached
Closing the deal:
* We will review the contract making sure that all points are clear and both parties agree upon


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