Case Study: Jextra Stores in Malaysia

Topics: Malaysia, Management, Official Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Summary Jextra Neighborhood Stores in Malaysia Jextra is an intercontinental company with a well-founded reliability for administering quality products gainfully as Jextra is devoted to accompanying business ethically and lawfully. The company was planning to penetrate the Malaysian ministration store sector with an approval of an aggressive five-year investment strategy as well as actively seeking to expand for a new store at Klang in Kuala-Lumpur as an attractive location in Malaysias capital. Tom Chong was Jextras country manager for the Neighborhood Markets Division in Malaysia with his first assignment including real operational issues and augmentation and impairment answerabilities. As a country manager in a fledgling market, the number of new stores opened were an exceptional component in his all-embracing appraisement and a factor in conclusive his career contemplation. He was supposed to manage several issues in order to open up the new store at Klang and required to withhold expanding the business and accommodate his financial objective. Subsequently, the mayor of Klang offer to Chong to help through speed up the land zoning process if Jextra would help to finance a new primary school development fund. Moreover, Chong was involved the job performance of Jextras top performing buyer known as Arif Alam in order to retain profitable contracts, because, the retail industry in Malaysia was notorious for buyers accepting money and gifts from suppliers. However, this was all new to him with some constraints therefore, he was not able to entertain both the parties at a time. He was decided finally to deal with the mayors proposal accordingly and make certain that Jextras chosen site should not finish up with one of his rivals. And assuming Alam would be managed later by taking necessary steps. Question no. 4. Are these the kind of issues that Chong should have anticipated as a country manager Answer Certainly, Tom Chong should have anticipated about such...
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