Case Study-Infosys

Topics: Balance sheet, Finance, Stock exchange Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: April 10, 2006
# 1Discuss the reasons why Infosys might want to disclose additional information voluntarily.

As learned in class, accounting principles and disclosure regulations differ between countries and there is often a lack of transparency, especially in merging economies. There are several reasons why Infosys might want to disclose additional information on a voluntarily base. Such information can help investors, analysts and the general public to gain a better understanding of the company's current performance by increasing both, the quality and comparability of reports. Moreover, this information enables them to better assess Infosys's future prospects. This becomes very important because Infosys does not just operate in the Indian market, but sells most of its goods and services abroad, especially to North America. Since Infosys is the first Indian company listed at the NASDAQ, they recognized the need of additional disclosure and better communication of information in comparison to other companies. Infosys's disclosure of voluntarily information can promote confidence that the information provided are both, comprehensive and reliable. In addition it enables them to communicate more policy and future-oriented issues about the corporation. Globalization of capital markets increases the pressure for greater transparency and disclosure of additional information, because of the importance and the growing need to attract and retain foreign capital. A study by Adhikari and Tondkar shows that the size of equity markets is significant in determining the level of disclosure. Since the Indian capital market is very small, Infosys needs to get capital from international capital markets, such as the U.S. In order to continue their expansion process it needs to provide additional information. However, voluntary disclosure can result in better conditions for raising capital; it would very likely have a positive impact on the stock price and the investors' desire to invest in...
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