Case Study: Inductotherm Customer Relationship Building

Topics: Marketing, Circuit breaker, Manufacturing Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: December 5, 2008
Case study: Inductotherm Customer Relationship Building

Inductotherm is a large manufacturing company headquartered in New Jersey. They are an OEM building Industrial furnaces for the metals industry. Westinghouse had been Inductotherm supplier of circuit breakers but lost business to a French Company Merlin-Gerin because it had some quality issues with an Under Voltage Release. After Cutler-Hammer bought Westinghouse they decide to put an effort forward to re-gain Inductotherm business. To compete with Merlin-Gerin Westinghouse developed a new line of circuit breakers called their Series C line. Merlin-Gerin is also having quality problem with their product, now is the chance of my company fight for Inductotherm business.

2. What additional information do you need to provide your plant so that they can develop a solid proposal?
They need to make a proposal that provide a high quality product with warranty for most of the products and offer security to receive the product in the expected time managing a small product inventory to ensure that the product will be delivered.

3. Provide an order of what contacts you would approach first?
I would first present my business to Jim Scottie after that I would invite Rod Turnin to a sport event then we would visit the manufacturing process and prove to him how serious we are on offering a high quality product. After getting the other Inductotherm employees to know the manufacturing process we would approach Tom Young.

4. What questions would you ask each contact?
For Tom Young I would ask how my company can help Inductotherm grown making a partnership to evolve in the competitive market, for Rod Turnin I would ask how can we prove that we do the best circuit breaker in the market and for Jim Scottie I would ask what can we do to make the Inductotherm manufacturing process easier.

5. How does the old Distribution strategy enter into the picture?
We can learn from previous mistakes...
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