Case Study - HY DAIRIES

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Hy Dairies, Inc.
Case Study Analysis

September 26, 2014

HY Dairies, Inc.
Rochelle Beauport an assistant brand manager for HY Dairies and is one of the few women of color in brand marketing management. She played a prominent role in increasing the organization’s sales volume, and market share by improving sagging sales of their popular gourmet ice cream. This achievement did not go by un-noticed; Rochelle’s boss, Syd Gilman the vice president of marketing promptly offered Rochelle a promotion to a lateral position of market research coordinator. Syd justified assigning the role of market research coordinator to Rochelle because it gives her broader experience, and access to high profile work, which would enhance her career. Syd took the same path to the office of vice president of marketing; Rochelle thought this promotion was a demotion in “job status” and not a route to top management, and an implied assumption of racial inequality. Syd obviously overestimated Rochelle’s belief of moving to market research coordinator would be the same as his, and now Syd’s false “consensus effect” has threatened Rochelle’s values and dedication to HY Dairies. Concept

Complexity is the distinct role or identity that people perceive about themselves; to this point Syd did not see himself as stereotyping Rochelle because he did not view the promotion as a negative but rather a preparation for her future with the company. The lack of communication in this case study shows everyone has their perception of things and if you do not open the lines to effective communication you can cause issues within the organization.  

Self Concept
Self-concept has a more varied effect on behavior and performance; Rochelle defined herself as a person who overcomes challenges, specifically her role controlling a product that directly affected HY Dairies’ profitability. This “opportunity” resonated as a restriction in career growth and not an advance in...
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