case study: the Home Depot

Topics: Strategic management, Home improvement, Core competency Pages: 80 (19446 words) Published: June 3, 2003
Case Study: The Home Depot


This Essentials of Strategic Management assignment has been made by three persons which have been working together and individually to finish the assignment properly and in time.

Secondly, we would like to thank the company whose websites we were able to visit and use, to get additional information that we could use for leading the assignment of Home Depot to a successful ending.

We can say, that it was a pleasure to work on this assignment and would, in the third place, like to thank each other. The persons who worked on this assignment, for the effort and time that is put in the assignment, that brought us to this finished version.




3.Problem definition



6. Chapter 1: External analysis of Home Depot Inc.

7. Chapter 2: Internal analysis of Home Depot Inc.

8. Chapter 3: Strategic forces.

9. Chapter 4: Core Competencies Home Depot Inc.

10. Chapter 5: Distinctive Competencies Home Depot Inc.

11. Chapter 6: Competencies transferred to different markets

12. Chapter 7: Large box (endless selection) versus smaller stores

13. Chapter 8: The home improvement industry.

14. Chapter 9: Corporate Stock

15. Chapter 10: Competitor strategy

16. Chapter 11: Corporate Strategy

17. Chapter 12: The corporate culture of Home Depot

18. Chapter 13: Strategic Managers

19. Literature list

20. Enclosure


During the lesson we had the opportunity to read quickly through some of the cases. The reason why we have chosen the Home Depot case is first of all that the home improvement industry appealed to us. Maybe not the industry itself, but the fact that we have never written a paper or did research for the home improvement industry. By choosing the Home Depot case to write a paper about, seemed a good way to us to enlarge our knowledge about the (US) home improvement industry. The knowledge gained might prove to be useful in the future.

The case about Home Depot gave a lot of information, from the history till the corporate culture. Although a lot of information was in the case, we had to do a substantial amount of research on the internet. The research on the internet was mainly to look for information about Home Depot self as well as for some theory. For most of the theory used, we had several books, ranging from the strategic management book used in the course to a book about organisational behaviour.

In this study we will answer several questions with subjects ranging from strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Home Depot till the corporate culture and corporate strategies. The answers on these questions together will answer the overall question, which can be read in the next chapter. The conclusion will deal with the answer of the overall question. Recommendations from our point of view are included in the conclusion.

The chapters following the conclusion will contain the answers to the several questions.

Problem definition.

How is Home Depot performing and can they continue like that?

The question above is our overall question. Using the answers of several questions listed below, we will come to an answer to the overall question. Not only an answer will be given, we will also share some recommendations for Home Depot. These recommendations are, according to us, the path Home Depot should follow to stay market leader in a fierce competitive industry. The following questions will be answered:

-What are the opportunities and threats facing Home Depot?

-What are the strengths and weaknesses of Home Depot?

-What are the strategic factors facing Home Depot?

-Does Home Depot have any core competencies? If yes, what are they?

-Does Home Depot have a distinctive competency? If yes, what is it?

-What core competencies do Home Depot posses that can be transferred to the professional contractor market? To the planned smaller...
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