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Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Job description Pages: 9 (3184 words) Published: September 9, 2008
1. What is a job analysis? How can you make use of the information it provides? What are the six steps in a well-conducted job analysis?

Job Analysis is data an organization uses to determine what type of personnel to hire for a position and describes the duty position that job actually entails. This information can be used to determine prerequisites for hiring personnel for a job. If the job requires heavy lifting then you may want to have a minimum lifting capability of 50 Lbs or more. If the job requires knowledge of special tools and equipment then prior knowledge of these types of tools and equipment may be considered. The six steps in a wee-conducted job analysis is: Decide how you’ll use the information, review relevant background information, select representative positions, actually analyze the job, verify the job analysis information with the worker performing the job and with his/her immediate supervisor, and develop a job description and job specification.

2. Do you think companies can really do without detailed job descriptions? Why or why not?

I personally believe that a company must have a detailed job description in-order to remain efficient and effective. If employees know exactly what their job entails then that would allow them to be more effective within the business and that will make an organization more profitable if the employees know their job. A good example of this is a organized sports team. A team consists of players which are like employees, these players each have a position and each position has a detailed play for that position to perform, without the detailed plays for that position the team would surely fail because no one will no how to play in that position and the opposition would prevail every time. Also a business needs to emphasize that the employee is not limited to the job description and encourage them to come up with new and innovative ways to perform their job.

3. What are the main things you would do to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce?

The main things I would do to ensure that I recruit and retain a diverse workforce would be to create a diverse pool of candidates. I would recruit individuals from different areas to ensure that I did not recruit out of the same areas each time. I would recruit individuals from colleges with a large number of graduates coming from a diverse background like race, ethnicity, and gender. Attend and recruit from job fairs offered by various organizations like the military and high schools. Cultivate relationships with special interest groups like Native American Society, NAACP, and Gay Rights Groups. Create a interest in my organizations career field by providing information to Junior High Students and stimulating interest before they made up their mind on what they will study in college. Develop slogans that emphasizes diversity within my organization and post these slogans on all advertisements promoting my organization, like “You are in good hands with Allstate” so we can be known for hiring diverse individuals.

4. List five sources of job candidates that can be used to fill a vacant job. What are the pros and cons of each? 1. Internal sources of candidates

PROs-This method allows the employer to use less time and resources when filling a job vacancy. The employer already knows the employee strength and weaknesses and therefore will not have to gamble on bringing in someone totally new to the organization. CONs-It can limit the hiring of diverse group of individuals. It can create an environment where it’s viewed as who you know as opposed to what you know and this can create a negative work environment.

2. Employment Agencies

PROs-It gives employees access to large pools of qualified candidates from broad backgrounds. It cuts down on the amount of time and resources used in recruiting. CONs-It put individuals who are only interested in collecting unemployment in the job applicant pool, these...
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