Case Study Hatch Asia

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Title: Hatch Asia
Time 2001
Statement of Objectives
To formulate a strategy that will help Hatch Asia attain its objective and will help them avoid the happening of the same crisis again •Central Problem
The need to develop a strategy that will help them become a strong company while attaining its objectives. •S.W.O.T. Analysis
It is a well funded business incubator for Asian high technology businesses The company have a wide scope of services and have a unique, founder friendly program Being one of the main incubator in the Philippines

The failure to predict the possible problems that may occurs and its corresponding solution They are not publicly well known.
Since they lack mission and vision at the start of their business, their employee and personnel is not that motivated. Opportunities
The continous increase of the companies that needs the service of an incubator Many businesses are opening every year which are the company’s potential client. The possibility that their competitor’s client want a change of service provider. Threats

The possibility that a great competitor will rise
The possiibility of facing a crisis that was not planned by the company There is a possibility that more competitors will sprout

Alternative Courses of Action

Expand business operation in a place that has a greatest possible client AdvantagesDisadvantages
It will increase more the popularity of the company
It will increase their source of income
It will enable the public to compare their product to others It will incur additional cost
They will bear responsibility in case the customer see dissatisfaction in the packaging •There is a possibility that the public will not notice the company’s name in the repacked item.

2. Diversify in repacking even non-food products
It will increase their customers
It will increase their source of income.
It is possible that they will...
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