Case Study: Gamble & Simpson

Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: November 9, 2016

¬ First of all, I want to give some definition of the following:
o Initiators: People who first recognize a problem which may require the purchase of a product or service
o Gatekeepers: People who control information or access to decision makers.
o Influencers: People who influence the purchase decision by setting specifications or by providing information about evaluating alternatives.
o Deciders: Higher level managers who have power to approve suppliers and final purchase decisions.
o Buyers: People with formal responsibility and authority to order products and negotiate purchase terms
o Users: People who will actually use the product or service and can help initiate the purchase and set specifications.
¬ So, Linda going to classify the seven people that she met at the company by how these people stand at the company Gamble & Simpson.
o Marie Doyle: She is the secretary of the department manager which is Mr. Constantin, and she belong to the user because she is the type of employee that going to use the product that Linda offer for the company.
o Bill Constantin: I could be wrong, but according to what I...

Linda did amazing on the proposal and she said all the things that she needed in order to Mr. Constantin to understand the concept of the proposal. Somehow, after that meeting with Mr. Constantin, Linda met more people in Gamble & Simpson which makes her overwhelmed by the possibility that all of the people she’s met have the input in deciding whether or not to purchase her company’s products. The only advice that I can suggest to Linda to do is the be herself, what I mean is being herself reflect how transparent she is and how she available to negotiate with people easily especially with people that her first time...
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