Case Study: Frederick is a student at Central Fictional State University (CFSU), File Suit or Do Not File Suit
Topics: Discovery, Invention, Lawyer, Frederick, Creativity, Marketing / Pages: 3 (592 words) / Published: Feb 19th, 2014

Case Study: Frederick is a student at Central Fictional State University (CFSU), and he has a great idea for a new business invention. This invention and the business that Frederick plans to found based upon this great invention will absolutely revolutionize the market and will make Frederick very rich. Frederick decides to share his idea with a few of his professors, and he even uses the idea in a research project for one of his classes. Frederick is a new Christian, but his professors at CFSU are not Christians. While Frederick is at home over summer break, he discovers, much to his dismay, that his professors have stolen his idea and have opened a business marketing his new invention. Upon making this discovering, Frederick immediately seeks the advice of the local lawyer who has a reputation for being a "scorched-earth" litigator. Needless to say, this Rambo, "take-no-prisoners" lawyer is not a Christian. He advises Frederick that he should sue " those professors for everything they've got."

Assume Frederick comes to you for advice from a Christian perspective. He knows that the Bible says something about " love your neighbor" and "turn the other check" and "do not resist an evil-doer," but he is just not sure how to make sense of all of this. What is your answer to Frederick? Refer to the Assignment Instructions folder of the course for general directions.

Use the words "File Suit" or "Do not File Suit" in the subject line of your thread, depending upon your conclusion. Do not use attachments as these are cumbersome and inhibit the discussion process.

In Fredrick’s case it is very unfortunate that he has experienced the kind of two-facedness that is common in today’s business world. To approach this situation from a Christian standpoint will prove very difficult. Franklin did not have a patent or copyright on his “idea”. However, he did have a research project that with some kind of time stamp or proof of having the idea prior to the launch of

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