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Topics: Customer service, Customer, Management Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: June 24, 2013
“Good management is working through others to accomplish task that help fulfill organizational objectives as efficiently as possible.” a) Would you agree to the above statement? Please explain your answer. No, I disagree with the above statement as efficiency was more towards achieving specific objective with minimum usage available resources and time consumption. In view of my current job in sales and marketing, if I just blindly drive my sales team to sale the products and services to fulfill the organizational sales target without considering the quality of delivery in terms of knowledge, skills, competency, and experience, time required for delivery, methods used for delivery and resources available for delivery. How long can I maintain the sales target without considering the effectiveness of the delivery system? An example of a service manager, Mr Raymond Ling from Jimisar Autotrade Sdn Bhd, Sibu branch said that the top management has set the target where every mechanic must service one unit of car in 30 minutes to prove the efficiency of the service team else disciplinary action will be taken. As a result, the mechanic gets the job done within the given timeframe without considering the quality of the service and types of service required by the customer. At the end, the sales advisor has been receiving a lot of customer complaints such as “why my car so dirty after the service?”, “why you don’t check the air of the tyres”? At the end, they have been losing their customer. However, UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd – Sibu branch service centre, Mr Mathew Tiong said that their top management do set the time frame but according to types of services – general service, minor repair or major repair? The customer must call to pre-book the services and inform the service advisor the suspected problem of their car that need the service centre to troubleshoot. The head office organizes training in technical, motivation, customer service by routine and weekly review to...
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