Case Study: Emmi Group

Topics: Switzerland, Milk, Strategy Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: March 19, 2014
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Emmi Group Case Study

This case study tells us about the Emmi Group, largest milk processor and leading producer of dairy products in Switzerland. Headquartered in the central Swiss city of Lucerne. It has around 5000 employees in all around the world and their global revenues are around 5billion Swiss Francs. It was founded in 1907 when they formed one company from almost 60 local cooperatives and started producing cheese and yoghurt under the marketing name “Emmi”. Emmi’s main markets are Germany, Italy, Austria, the UK, the Benelux countries and US. With its fresh range of products the company primarily focuses on lifestyle, convenience and healthy products. Customers are retail businesses, the food sector and the food industry. Strategy development can be done after 3 workshop meetings in one year. These meeting are held in the period from January to late summer so there is a gap between meeting that lets them to have more time for their actions. In September 2007 Emmi decided to change its CEO, Urs Riedener. He had held several positions in the Swiss food industry and recently been head of Migros, Switzerlands largest retailer. But later on in December the company faced with a profit warning: the prices of milk and other raw materials had increased and it can affect the growth of the company. In March initiated thorough strategic review process to deal with this problem. After looking at the financial documents of the company he knows that an established strategic review process it’s the company’s future success. Before growing internationally the company decided to grow around Switzerland first and they decided to invest in new products and marketing campaigns. In 2006 with success they acquired their first production site outside Switzerland in Italy. They are aiming to achieve 10-15% growth in revenue per year by creating new distribution opportunities for its products and “the future goal of achieving foreign sales equivalent...
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