Case study document on marketing of Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Topics: Burj Al Arab, Dubai, Hotel Pages: 5 (1306 words) Published: April 14, 2007
Abstract: This paper discusses the marketing of Burj AlArab hotel in Dubai. It contains a brief description of the hotel and his history. It describes about the culture in Dubai and how it affects the hotel. A SWOT analysis has been discussed in the paper to know about its situation in Dubai. It also shows you the competitor of Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the marketing audit shows that how the hotel is positioned in the market .It concludes by stating how Burj Al Arab can maintain and develop its policies to keep it top in competitive market of Dubai.

BURJ AL ARAB - The Arabian Tower of the Jumeirah Beach Resort. With 321 meters, this is the world´s tallest hotel, only 60 meters shorter than the Empire State Building. This all-suite hotel stands 27 double-height storeys high and comprises 202 duplex suites. Your transfer to the hotel may be arranged by one of the world´s largest fleets of Rolls Royce.

Reaching new heights of luxury and service levels, Burj Al Arab offers a choice of 142 1-Bedroom DeLuxe Suites, 18 1-Bedroom Panoramic Suites, four 1-Bedroom Club Suites, 28 2-Bedroom Suites, six 3-Bedroom Suites, two Presidential Suites and two Royal Suites. The finest materials have been sourced from around the globe for your luxury and comfort, coming together in exclusively designed and handcrafted interiors. All suites feature floor to ceiling windows and are of course equipped with the latest technology like interactive television (with a camera that views all visitors to the suite - and you can give access to them without leaving the comfort of your bed or the armchair), all-purpose office equipment, laptop computers and internet access(First class travel 2006)Dubai :-Dubai is the most populous and second largest emirate (in terms of size) in the federation after Abu Dhabi.Dubai is distinct from other members of the UAE in that revenues from oil account for only 6% of its gross domestic product. A majority of the emirate's revenues are from the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) [2] and now, increasingly, from tourism.

Dubai is currently the second largest developing city in the world after Shanghai.With enormous construction and development in various industries.Dubai has attracted world attention through innovative real estate projects, sports events, conferences and guiness records.(Wikipedia 2006)SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS:-To know marketing strategies, it is essential to know as much as possible about the market place or environment in which the property operates. A situation analysis researches the properties current position in the marketplace and reveals potential opportunities to promote the property. (Abbey1998,pp54-55)Cultural Influence:The cultural environment holds deeply influence on marketing behavior. Hotel industry needs to be sensitive to cultural variation in the environment and grasp opportunities for expanding. For instance, In Dubai there is 80 percent foreigners who have investments, businesses and employments. Over 1100 staff members from 50 different nationalities work in different areas of Burj AL Arab hotel. Therefore, they bring the diverse cultures from all different home countries such as religions, values, and social behaviors, etc. There will be slight or even severe varies between different guest groups, product suppliers, and hotel employees. It is crucial important for the managerial level to treat people with equal respect and revere different cultural norms.(sevenseashotels 2006).

SWOT Analysis :SWOT defines the desired output from the formal analysis which must precede the selection of the strategy and the formulation of the plans to implement it.(Baker 1998,p139)STRENGTHS :•The infrastructure of the building which is like a sail boat which gives the guest a very fine and different experience.

•All the restaurant , bars has a different outlook and are very famous world wide. Ex:Al Mahara - seafood restaurant accessible by a three minute virtual submarine voyage. Magnificent oval...
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