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Case Study Discussion Questions for Case Studies in Entrepreneurial Management and Finance Professor Edward H. Chow
Spring 2013

1. (2/20) Introduction and get acquainted: Entrepreneurship and finance

Lecture and discussion:
A perspective on Entrepreneurship, Howard H. Stevenson, 1988 (9-384-131) How is finance related to corporate objectives?
Note on the financial perspective: What should entrepreneurs know? William A. Sahlman, Harvard Business Publishing (9-293-045) In your view, what is entrepreneurship?
Homework: Each discussion group prepares a ppt for a 20-minute presentation on the business model of a real company. Please e-mail it to me by February 25.

2. (2/27) Identify entrepreneurial opportunities and development of business model

Lecture and discussion:
Some thoughts on business plans, William A. Sahlman, 1996 (9-897-101) Note on business model analysis for the entrepreneur, Taz Pirmohamed, 2002 (9-802-048) Reinventing your business model(R0812C) (Chinese translation in哈佛商業評論繁體中文版2008年12月號:商業模式再創新)

3. (3/06) Managing the risk of early ventures

Beating the odds when you launch a new venture (R1005G) (Chinese translation in 哈佛商業評論繁體中文版2010年9月號:管控風險的創業冒險家) Case study:
1) What is the opportunity in the Trivia game business?
2) Why is it an opportunity for Bob Reiss?
3) Why did others contribute to Reiss’s success?
4) Why is the whole deal economically possible?
5) Are there any non-economic risks?
6) What kind of follow-up should Bob make to his success?

4. (3/13) Exemplary entrepreneurs

Case study:
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, 2008 (9-407-028)
1) How have Gates and Jobs shaped technology? How has technology shaped them and their companies? 2) Compare the leadership styles and approaches of Gates and Jobs. In what ways are they similar? Different? 3) Who do you believe is the better business leader?

4) Who would you want to work for? Who would you want to work for you? 5) How does a charismatic leader transition a company for long-term success? 5. (3/20) Do you have the right business partner for your product

Case study:
1) Familiarize yourself with the traditional huei system.
2) Why would one participate in a traditional huei and what are the potential risks and rewards? 3) What modifications has made to the traditional huei system? 4) What are the core components of Shacom’s strategy?

5) From SinoPac’s perspective what are the opportunities and risks? 6) What is the potential for this system in the global marketplace and how should the market be penetrated? 7) What is the value of a share of Assume that the cost of equity is 12%. 8) Should Chien renegotiate the deal with SinoPac? On what basis?

Remember to turn in your term paper proposal.

6. (3/27) Discuss your term paper proposals

7. (4/03) Professor Chow travelling abroad (no class)

8. (4/10) Analysis of possible business model

Case study:
Beta Golf, Sahlman and Roberts, 2005 (898-162)
1) Why does Beta Group exist? What economic function does it serve? What is the business model for Beta? What does this tell us about translating innovation into value? 2) What is a sensible development plan for the HXL technology? Of the various choices for exploiting the technology, which would you choose? Why? In what order? 3) Given the response from Callaway, what should Zider and Krumme do next? 4) What would happen to this project if it were developed inside an existing industry competitor? What would a venture capitalist do with Beta Golf?

9. (4/17) Refining business model

Case study:
Zipcar: refining the business model, Myra Hart, Michael J. Roberts and Julia D. Stevens, 2005 (9-803-096) 1) Evaluate this potential venture and the progress that Chase has made. 2) What is the business model, and how has it changed between December 1999 and May 2000? What do the data from actual operations in September say about how the business model...
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