Case Study -Diesel

Topics: Pricing, Marketing, Promotion Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Diesel Case Study

Diesel’s promotions both approach above-the-line and below-the-line aspects, some of the above-the-line promotion strategies that diesel use for their companies are like advertising on TV for their cologne and other brands that they market in their business, another creative idea was making their own online radio station, this business markets clothes and cologne that are very modern and may just be aimed to the younger segment of the market and so using music as a promotional strategy really helps promote their business to a whole new level, as the young generation enjoy music and it seems to be a popular habit at their age and so will be attracted to this part of their business and forces them to check out what other brands and products this business markets, this is to help the younger segment of the business, as well as advertising their products on TV this helps with older people that generally watch TV and get ads in their way. Diesel like any other clothing line also make sales and promotions in their stores in order to attract their customers or maybe even new customers. These sales and promotions that they do in their stores are approached as below-the-line promotions. Diesel:U:Music would be regarded as above-the-line promotion because it is a radio station and is involved in the technology part of the promotion segment and that is their way of advertising and promoting their business to the public especially people who regularly listen to music and enjoy it, having a new station would force them to check it out and maybe even check out the business as a whole. The advantages of premium pricing is it might encourage customers to see the brand as a high quality and wanted brand that seems to be and have such a good quality to have a high price and so customers might see the brand as becoming that, or it could go the other way around which would be the disadvantage that customers see the business as making the prices too high and that...
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