Case Study Comm 215

Topics: Summer, Management, Holiday, Affect, Human resource management, Shift work / Pages: 4 (790 words) / Published: Mar 9th, 2011
Case Study Blue Grocery Store
COMM 215
November 24, 2010
Dr. Victoria Santiago

Case Study Blue Grocery Store Through this study will provide alternatives to the status of personnel management of the first and second shift of the Blue Grocery Store, Inc. during the summer months. Analyzing the past situation of the company and how it has affected production levels of the mentioned shifts. The intention is to maintain levels of high business effectiveness while providing a positive work environment for employees. Blue Grocery Store Company Inc. is a food distributor currently operates in three shifts. Mr. Arthur Reed is the supervisor of the first and second shift. Mr. Reed has over twenty years of business experience and is well respected in the industry. Their situation becomes problematic in the summer months, when most of the staff wants to take leave and absenteeism increases markedly. This situation adversely affects the operation of the business. In the past it has opted for hiring temporary staff, but this causes problems because it has to incur additional costs. Moreover, the fact that wages are too low makes it very difficult recruitment in addition to these temporary places do not have any kind of fringe benefits. Among the problems that can be identified are: not having enough preparation to grant the vacation summer season, not having a policy of corrective disciplinary action to counteract the tendency to absences during that time and labor-management conflicts caused by the attempt to recruit temporary staff to cover absences seats. Considering that this is a redundancy that occurs every year and management should have an action plan to work with this problem. Ahead of the situation is a very effective way to prevent it from becoming one affecting the operation of the company. Clear policies on personnel management should be the first step to improving the situation faced by the employer and achieve both objectives: to

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