Case Study: Coke India

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Analysis Paper #1 Coke India

Your assignment is to give Coke India President Gupta and his executive team some well reasoned advice supported by all the analytical tools you have learned and the readings. COKE INDIA is based on real events in 2003 when the [Indian] Center for the Environment and Science or CES) found that the water supply for Coke’s local bottling plants had become contaminated. There is a lot of information to analyze. Some of it will add to your understanding about the company and some will be critical to the answers that you formulate. Please read it carefully and weigh the important of the information as you try to advise Coke India’s President, Sanjiv Gupta.

Organizing your paper - use these steps to complete your paper. The requirements include a number of “worksheets” designed to help you write a great case. The worksheets should be attached to the end of the case.

Worksheets: The case ends on page 13 (before the extra and supporting material) with a series of decisions that Coke India President Sanjiv Gupta needs to make. First, putting yourself in President Gupta’s shoes, identify the key decisions that he needs to make and make a list. What basic choices are possible? Attach it to your completed paper.

Next, create a stakeholders analysis identifying the parties who have an interest in this case. Evaluate whether you need to add or subtract from this list. Attach it to your completed paper. (See “How to Construct a Stakeholder Analysis”)

Case Analysis: Examine your “decision list” and analyze your decision options from an ethical standpoint. Keep the stakeholders in mind. Apply each of the three perspectives for making an ethical decision featured in the Deckop chapter and the class readings: utilitarianism, profit maximization, and universalism. You are free to apply additional decision-making models from the Deckop chapter. Indicate what each of the three...
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