Case Study Chapter 8

Topics: Cash flow, Party, Common Ground Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: March 22, 2011
* Case 8.1
Buying a Classic Car
Assume that one party has always wanted a particular make, model, and color of car. Now that party is prepared to purchase it and has found the car of her/his dreams offered for sale by the owner. As each party, come to GRIP with the negotiation challenge. Decide what type of strategy is appropriate for each. (You should fill in the car details that are fondest to your heart!) Case Discussion Questions and Possible Responses:

1. What are the interests and goals of each party?
(Possible Responses: “I” goals may be of great value on both sides here. The value of the car may be more of an “I” goal than a “G” goal for the current owner. The desire for the car may be of greater weight than the cost for the buyer. Realistically, assuming desire for the transaction on both sides, the only issue to negotiate is price. The price must be resolved, and the price is competitive.) 2. Is there anything that either or both parties may want to avoid? (Possible Responses: If the car is nearly impossible to find, the prospective buyer wants to avoid alienating the seller.) 3. How may either or both parties collaborate for mutual success? (Possible Responses: Perhaps there is an opportunity here for some future or continuing relationship. If so, “R” goals and “P” goals will affect the equation and provide motivation for collaboration.) * Case 8.2

New Business Relationship Scenario
One party’s work organization, based in Washington, D.C., has recently begun a project in Wichita, Kansas. The project will require 15 to 20 employees to travel to Kansas and spend, on average, three weeks in residence there. It is expected that the project will span a period of nine months to completion. This first party has located an apartment complex nearby the location where the project work will be done. The apartment complex has traditionally required minimum lease terms of one year, but does have a few vacancies. The organization desires...
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