Case Study: Brussels and Bradshaw

Topics: Employment, Gender role, Case study Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Case Study: Brussels and Bradshaw|
BA590- Organizational Behavior|
Dr. Russell Fail|
Christopher Mantle|

Read the Part II Case Study beginning on page 277 after Chapter 7. Write a 250-500 word paper using APA format including the following: * Identification and summary of the key organizational behavior issues evident in the case * Reflection on the identified issues along with recommendations or potential solutions to identified issues Workplace stressors are a key theme from this case study. Role conflict, role ambiguity, work overload, occupation, resource inadequacy, working conditions, management style, job insecurity, incivility in the workplace, and perceived gender issues. Out of the eleven possible workplace stressors outlined in the textbook, ten were evident in this particular case study. Role conflict and incivility in the workplace tie in in this case at B&B. Role conflict is a situation in which different roles lead to conflicting expectations (Hitt, Miller & Colella, 2011). The roles of Kelly Richards are the primary examples of role conflict in this case study. Kelly Richards’ position is supposed to be just an administrative function but she uses her limited power to influence the performance reviews by scheduling people where the best fit is not recognized. Mrs. Richards should also have training in being the HR representative, given her position, but has no formal training and is treated poorly because of it. Mrs. Richards should be given HR training and be the rep for the Toronto office. The increased responsibilities will help raise her status in the company and give her the ability to enable policies to help people like Audrey Locke in overcoming the rigors of the B&B workplace environment. Role ambiguity is a situation in which goals, expectations, and/or basic job requirements are unclear (Hitt, Miller & Colella, 2011). Based on the definition, this sums up Audrey Locke’s...

Cited: Hitt, M. A., Miller, C. C., & Colella, A. (2011). Organizational behavior. (3rd ed., pp. 253-286). John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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