Case Study Assignment

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Case Study Assignment


Describe all assumptions seen in any of documents provided in the case study. a. Kelly
1. Feels that Pat is putting the company on the line with this project because of
short staff and maintaining the existing workload.
Assumes meeting with Pat means arguing.
Assumes Pat's work ethic and business practice's aren't very good, Assumes that Pat's background in cereal means he isn't knowledgeable
regarding technology.
Assumes Pat is trying to undercut him by talking to program without his
b. Pat
Assumes that developing “Operation Optimize” will require minimal
investment of existing time and effort.
The retail application of the iScanner involves additional software program
-ming, with little need for redesigning the hardware components. Repackaging will be required but is not for seen to be a major roadblock in
the development of the product.
Assumes that the costs will be minimal with a substantial ROI. Assumes alterations to the original iScanner are minimal and “Operation
Optimizer” should be ready for the market in 6 to 8 months. Assumes “Operation Optimizer” needs a significant increase it its
product development budget to reach August product launch goals. Even though the ROI will be reduced the 1st year of the products life, however given the “shelf life” that the iScanner has had in the industry(10 years) we conclude that

over the coming decade, the ROI justifies this.
Capital investment, even in a tight economy and with company revenues in flux. Assumes that certain factions in the company did not want to see the product
c. Cliff
1. Assumes that Pat and Chris's expertise at Acu Scan will recapture the company's
position as a market leader.

Pat's history as a talented and creative marketing force within the cereal industry will prove to be a boon to the company. The existing budgets need to be cut to reach the company's goal.

d. Chris
1. The departments need to cut the budget by 15% .
2. Because of the previous years layoffs, he is determined not to lay-off again.
3. Assumes that Pat and Kelly will be able to work out problems and get the
the job accomplished in a timely manner.
Explain the arguments made by each of these people.
a. Cliff O'Connor
Cliff feels that the budget has to cut for AcuScan to stay profitable. He feels that they
have to launch a new exciting product by year-end to recapture AcuScans position
as a market leader with technology.

b. Pat Lambert
Pat believes that “Operation Optimize” can be great success, but that it has to be
programmed and developed and out to market in 6 to 8 mos. She speaks with the programmers and believes that this technology can be developed in this time by
Kelly the Program Manager is trying to stop the development by not supporting
the time frame for building the product. He argues that the financial implicat-
ions for delay are significant and that another company has its own version in
progress already.
c. Kelly Thomas
Kelly argues that the programmers can only develop the one feature at the
present time. Kelly scribbles all over Pat's Product Concept memo, calls it
a major backend project because he feels that they are already short of staff
and the service that they are giving to their existing customers is taking all
their time. He also argues that their isn't enough time to get this project
done. Also that Pat is trying to undercut him by talking to his staff behind
his back.
d. Chris Martinas
Chris feels that something needs to be done to increase profitability for
AcuScan but does not want to cut or layoff his current staff. He tells Pat that...

Cited: Critical Thinking GEN 480: Assessment Case Study. University of Phoenix Course Materials.
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