Case Study - Apple, Inc.

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Internal Environment: Strength and Weaknesses
1. Marketing
Distinctive marketing campaigns have been a strategy of Apple to attract customers and to spread the information among them. Television commercials, Print Advertisements, Posters in Public areas and wrap advertisement campaigns have been successful ways of outshining the new product. Apple continues to command a market premium for producing a “better mousetrap” throughout its history. Steve Jobs personally unveils all new product introductions, reviews corresponding marketing campaigns and approves new product development guidelines. This adds to better targeting to the market and consequently, it is a special concern of company’s CEO. Customer Service

Apple believes in keeping a place in customer’s heart, the customer loyalty is a great strength to the company. The credit for such a strong relationship between the company and its customers goes to company’s customer service and the nature of products which fulfills the need of today’s stylish people. Apple created a virtual love affair with their customer base by delivering technically superior products (iPods vs. other MP3 players, Macs vs. PCs, etc.), and aggressively pursuing hardware and software updates. Apple integrated their primary activities so well that it is transparent to the consumer where one activity begins and the other ends. A perfect example of this is Apple’s willingness to develop software to run Windows XP on its new Intel-based iMac and then post it online free to iMac users. In such an environment, customer service merely becomes the realization of receiving a little more than expected.

Market Share
Year| Apple| Dell|
2003| .0534| .4144|
2004| .0537| .4651|
2005| .1000| .6938|
2006| .1060| .4841|
2007| .1310| .4572|

The company’s current market position is strong. Apple has created a niche for themselves with the younger generation. They have come out with great marketing...
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