Case Study and Student Analysis

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Problem solving Pages: 5 (1510 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Case Study for Student Analysis
Kathleen Colon
University of Phoenix
April 27, 2010

Case Study for Student Analysis

In my case study, I plan to research and analyze the leadership and recruitment position of Carl Robbins of ABC Inc. Though Carl Robbins has led a successful position, he has become aware of certain problems while recruiting his new hires. This case study will contain the root of the problems and solutions that will help maintain successful recruitments. To explain better the position of recruiter people must understand the definitions of this and the problems arising within the job. A campus recruiter requires business perspective, expertise, and ability to find and match potential candidates for the company. A recruiter also needs understanding of diplomacy, marketing skills, and wisdom to put everything together. Because recruiters continue to face new challenges, he or she should have a background in problem-solving skills to maintain a successful role.

Carl Robbins has been a successful employee within ABC Inc. Within six months he has shown excellence toward the company and has received the new position of campus recruiter. Carl has proved himself in the past and is sure he can prove to fill his position with no regret from higher management. Given the position of recruiting 15 new employees, Carl has arranged for the new hires to come in for orientation. One important procedure is to fill out many forms and examine them. He also needs to express issues and requirements pertaining to the job with the new hires. As a recruiter, Carl needs to maintain good conscious between arranging and filing paperwork, applications need to be complete, orientation manuals dispersed, and drug screens scheduled. He also needs to book a room for the orientation. As Carl comes close to orientation day, he realizes nothing has been done correctly. Everything needed is incomplete, misfiled, and unscheduled. Additionally, Joe of the technology department has already reserved the room. Carl wonders how these mistakes could have happened. This shows incompetency within his position and could cost him his position as recruiter. Carl needs to think fast and fix these problems. He first needs to realize the root of the problems and ways to avoid the same thing happening in the future.

Key Problems
The key problems come from being short of experience as campus recruiter. Though he has done an excellent job in the past six months, he is lacking the knowledge needed to perform recruitment without hassle. Forgetfulness and lack of motivation also can be the cause of these new found problems. Instead of making a list of what he needs for the new hires, he tried to remember off the top of his head. He did not follow through with the paperwork immediately and allowed time to pass before realizing nothing was done correctly. Investigation of the main problems is as follows: * Missing files/transcripts

* Incomplete applications
* Drug screens not completed
* Not enough orientation manuals and missing pages
* Reservation of computer room by two departments for same time

Missing Files/Transcripts
Carl has realized that files and transcripts are missing. These files need to be accessible at anytime during the recruitment process and future employment. He cannot continue the hiring process without such files. He is responsible for placing files in the proper place for future examination and misplacing files and transcripts show no importance and concern on Carl’s part. Incomplete Applications

Carl has realized while examining the applications that many are not done completely. When applications are not complete, he cannot examine the application or verify information given. The question of who he is hiring arises because the full information is not there. This also shows lack of concern on Carl’s behalf because he did not take the time to...
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