Case Study Analysis Paper

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Case Study Analysis Paper
Bria Crawford
May 09, 2014
Renee Gravatt

Case Study Analysis Paper

Currently at ABC, Inc. the new campus recruiter, Carl Robins has ran into a big problem. It seems as if Carl has waited too late to get all of the trainees’ orientation manuals together. In this case study Monica’s new employees are supposed to attend orientation June 15th, but Carl waited until after Labor Day to get to work on the duties he needed done for orientation in June. Only to find some of the trainees did not have complete applications, transcripts on file, and the drug screen that’s required for the hiring process. Moreover, Carl has lost his chance to have the orientation in the training room since computer-training courses has already been scheduled. These issues could have been prevented in a number of cases.  Carl should have been more organized as far as his scheduling. He should have kept up with every new hires file and gone over them sooner. This seems to be showing his lack of experience since he has only been working there for six months.  Unfortunately, Carl will have to come up with a solution to these problems as soon as possible or risk losing his position. Background

There are alternatives for every situation but in this case Carl may not have many. First, he may be able to change the date for when the new hires will start. Changing this date is an alternative simply because, there may not be enough time to efficiently correct the problems he let come about. Instead of having the new hires start early July he should aim for late July or August. This could potentially give the new hires more time to finish the incomplete applications, and drug screens. Of course, Carl will have to talk this over with his supervisor and explain why the process will take a little longer than expected. Carl will have to inform Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor of this situation and ask her if it will be too much of an inconvenience to change the start time for her new employees. Another possible alternative to Carl’s problem would be for him to find another area for the orientation.  In addition, Carl could even bring all of the employees in and inform them of the situation so that they will know the process has to speed up. If Carl finds another place to have the orientation this is just an alternative to one of his problems. Carl could also propose one other alternative. Which could consist of speeding the process up by talking to Joe and convincing him to let him keep his reservation for June 15th. He would just have to get everyone on board to complete all the missing information within that one to two week time frame.

Key Problems
There are two problems here; one being that Carl did not use his time wisely as he promised, when Monica contacted him about the new hires documents for hire and he expressed that everything would be arranged on time. This became one of the major set backs for the hiring to be done by July. Two being: Joe has reserved the orientation room for the whole month of June. Leaving Carl with a big decision considering his lack of timeliness with the original problem. If Carl would like both situations to be handled correctly he will need to speak with Monica and Joe to figure out a plan to make up for his mistakes. Postponing the orientation, giving the employees time to get the required information and test done will also give Carl time to set up the new orientation deadline. Yes, it will prolong the hiring process, but mistakes happen all the time.

There are many alternatives for Carl to resort to, to solve his problems. He has to choose the best alternative that accommodates him, Monica, and the trainees’ time, money. I feel that the best way to solve both of the problems that have risen on Carl’s behalf is to go ahead and get in contact with whom ever he needs to contact. Let...
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