Case Study Analysis of ABC, Inc.

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Job description Pages: 4 (1423 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Case Study Analysis of ABC, Inc.
ABC, Inc. has 15 new trainees that were hired by Carl Robins in early April. Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor, expects and needs these new hires working by July and expressed this expectation to Mr. Robins on May 15. During this conversation, Mr. Robins assured Ms. Carrolls that the process was on track and the new hires would be ready. He expressed he was aware of the needed training schedules, orientation process, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, and drug tests required. Mr. Robins has scheduled orientation training for June 15 to finish getting the new hires ready. The trainees have been advised of this date and will arrive at 8:00 am. During the week after Memorial Day, it was discovered there is a lengthy list of issues that have not been addressed yet. The trainees have not completed their applications, transcripts on file, mandatory drug screens have not been scheduled; orientation manuals are not complete; and, the training room for orientation has not been reserved. To further complicate matters, the training room has already been reserved for the entire month of June and is not available for rescheduling. These problems exist within ABC, Inc., due to inadequate planning and time management, failed communication and appropriate training of the campus recruiter. A standardized recruitment process at ABC, Inc. would eliminate procrastination and time management issues. If immediate corrective action is not taken at ABC, Inc. relationships with coworkers will be in jeopardy and the decline of cohesive teamwork will be detrimental to the company. Right now the trainees will not be ready to start working by July. This will cause a loss in production, profits and increased expense for the additional preparation time for the recruits. The relationship between the recruiter and supervisors at ABC, Inc. will become strained. Miscommunication or lack of communications will increase and also cause a...
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