Case Study Analysis for Hector Gaming Company

Topics: Project management, Management, Goal Pages: 4 (951 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Case Study for Hector Gaming Company
Paula Gray Lemons
California Southern University
Course: Project Management/MGT 86529
Mentor: Dr. John Belt
Date: May 27, 2013

Action Plan for Hector Gaming Company
Summary of the Facts:
Hector Gaming Company is an educational gaming company that specializes in educational games for young people. The company has experienced a significant growth rate the last two years of operations. In addition, their targeted market has been scooping up their product right out of production. Coupled with their success rate in their market niche, they were able to raise a large amount of capital through a stock transaction with an investment bank. Because of their growth and cash position, the top managers of HGC worked with a consulting firm to develop a strategic plan of action. The founder, Sally Peters, is considered to be one of the up and rising entrepreneurs. Her management skills have been able to get all the stakeholders to commit to having an organization dedicated to being innovative and growing inside and out. As well, there is a consensus between the managers on the path that the company should be on in the short and long term. (Larson, & Gray, 2011). Issues/Problems Identification:

There are two main problems that are discussed 1) there does not exist a plan of action on how to achieve the short and long term goals upon which the managers have agreed, 2) the lack of control that the Founder/President really has over the company and achieving the goals, 3) lack of project’s priority and 4) keeping the competition from taking away key personnel that will help them enter into HGC market (Larson, & Gray, 2011). Analysis/Evaluation:

The problem is that the Founder/President and the top management worked on strategy; however, they did not address the following: 1) identifying the project management structure, 2) defining the organization’s culture, 3) creating a responsibility matrix and 4) providing a...

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