Case Study: Amtrak

Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: March 8, 2009
Amtrak case study Ethical issues and concerns In the wreck of Amtrak’s sunset limited 1993, the decision makers would have been North American passenger corporation (Amtrak), National transportation safety board (NTSB), CSX, WGN, the U.S. coast guard, the tow boat captain, the pilot and Alabama emergency response network. I believe that these responsible parties could have avoided or reduced injury and deaths if all responded appropriately. affected by the lack of response and decisions made in the wreck. Many things could have been different if plans would have been in play and action would have been taken before the train set way. The ethical decision to not spend time or money to put safety measures in the play lost lives for many. Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate responsibility should maintain high ethical and legal standards in every corporation should have a set of fundamental core values based on sound ethical principles help define the true measure of a company, they guide the way they treat each other and how they make business decisions. Lack of ethical decisions affects been used to make the travel of Amtrak’s trains safer to all involved. Knowing it wasn’t a law of were or to who money was donated I believe the money these large corporations $ 85 million per year and this cost would have saved lives. Conclusion and Recommendation I believe better communication by all parties involved would have reduced injury train should have had regulations in place for speed during weather conditions and safety devices for the rail in front of them could have avoided a lot of the accident. By having markers in place for emergency response units, allowing them to give a more specific placement of the wreck. When people’s lives are at stake all ethical issues and laws should be put in full swing. Common sense would have prevented all of this. These large corporations having untrained personal and no safety standards in place...
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