Case Study Alegent Health

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Data analysis Pages: 3 (536 words) Published: March 16, 2011
PROPOSAL: DECISION ACCELERATORS FOR THE MAJOR CLINICAL SERVICE AREAS IN ALEGENT HEALTH Goal:To create strategies for the major clinical service area. This will help to advance the health system’s objective of “changing the face of health care”. Recommended Action Plan :

a) Diagnosis - Old fashioned system that was form through merging 2 religious-sponsored health care systems. It had its own managed care insurance program – implementing a consumer-directed health care program for its employees and had about 100 employed physicians in addition to the physicians with privileges at hospitals. To diagnose on the causes of poor productivity in a work group. b) Data Analysis Process - Analysis on verbatim transcripts and descriptions of each of the decision accelerator meetings that took place. c) Feedback Process - Conducting two rounds of interviews with executives, managers, and staff involved in the change process. d) Action Planning Process - Forming a study team, composed of several key stakeholders in the organization. Specification of Responsibilities

i) OD Practitioners
- Diagnosing the causes of poor productivity in a work group. - To complete the assignment without talking to ALL of the workers. ii) Study Team
- To frame project objectives, receive the feedback and assist in data interpretation. - Help to transfer the learnings back to the organization
iii) Researchers
- Defining the impact and effectiveness of Decision Accelerators. - Learning how to position the Decision Accelerators in improving the organizational effectiveness.

Strategy for Achieving the Desired State
a) Decision Accelerators archives
* Collect Decision Accelerators materials
* Create coding scheme
* Coding
* Write up archival data
b) Interviews
* Finalize interview questions
* Arrange interview schedule
* Develop coding scheme
* Coding
* Begin analysis of interviews
c) Governance
* Meeting with “study group”...
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