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Topics: Health, Human, Birth order Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: March 18, 2015
Professor Ho
Yufei Zhong (Diana)
Case Study 8
Q1: According to Alder, everyone has the feeling of inferiority and the striving for superiority. In this case, Toshimi was very sickly because of a variety of health problems in her childhood. She could not participate in physical games and her friends did not choose her to play in team. Due to her physical problems, she felt her friends were better than she was and this was her inferiority when she was a child that can be concluded as organ inferiority. However, according to Alder, it is not the defect itself that produces the striving, but the person’s attitude toward it. Toshimi is the kind of person with constructive attitude and lifestyle. She tried to compensate for her physical weaknesses by intensive training. In order to prove her superiority, she regarded the compensation of inferiority as motivation and chose a career that used to be her weakness. Q2: Toshimi’s goal is to compensate her organ inferiority and use masculine protest to prove her superiority. She used to be a sick and unhealthy child, and the goal of being healthy was the motivation for her to choose a style of life that help her achieve physical health. With the inferiority, she tried to figure out the ways to make herself prefect. She took part in ballet lessons; although at first she was incredibly incompetent and clumsy, she kept practicing and did not abandon her goal which her parents thought unrealistic. Q3: I think Toshimi has a high level of social interest. A person with a high level of social interest implies her characteristic of respect and consideration for all human beings. She is altruistic, trustworthy, socially adjusted, nurturing, and helpful to others. In this case, she started her ballet school to help other people do well in ballet and physical activity. The cause of her social interest is the time she spent with other dancers at the camp. In the camp, she had to wait her turn for various things that made...
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